Warren Ireland

Warren Ireland

One of the joys of supporting young or up and coming bands and musicians is watching their growth, seeing their confidence grow and them coming into their sound as it were.

Warren is one of those people that we have watched and encouraged since first hearing him do loop pedal versions of some classic songs including Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall, which was at Ey Up Mi Duck Festival in 2017, as someone who dislikes cover bands and especially tribute bands, as well as them being one of my all time favourite bands it is high praise when I say, he nailed it!

We approached Warren later that year about performing for us at a smaller gig as well as at STSA2018 on the Hidden Stage, with my one stipulation, he came with his own material and stuck to minimal cover songs. At the live gig we got to see him do one of his first ever sets which was mainly his own music and own words, after starting out with his covers he soon went into his own material, and received his loudest applause of the evening, leaving the stage like a Cheshire cat and to a crowd up on their feet.

Since that night we have seen Warren come into his own, performing his up beat songs about all too familiar challenges, dislikes and above all, feelings that resonate with almost everyone in the crowd, but he still loves to throw in a cheeky cover song if he knows the crowd will appreciate it.  at STSA2019 he was a crowd favourite both on stage and at the after parties in the chillout space!

You will see Warren at Smile 2020 back on our Main Stage but rather than opening the stage he will be much later in the day in the slot his sound belongs!

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