New Festival Site: Cabourne Parva, LN7 6DR

That’s Right, Something to Smile About has a new home, and what a home it is….

Imagine a space, owned by a creative, a festival organiser that is as in tune with nature as anyone probably can be, who has had 15 years to build and improve the space to make it a custom built festival site….

Have you got the image?  Well you’re wrong, no you haven’t, not quite.  Because Cabourne Parva, the new home for Smile will blow away all of your expectations and imaginings.

When I first visited, I had to keep pushing my jaw back up, it was like all the stars had aligned and pointed us to this amazing space that looked like it was made just for us!  (Actually it was our good friends at Vagrant Art who told us about it, but stars aligning and Karma sound like a much better influence.)


Cabourne Parva has been the home to Festival 8 as well as other festivals, (including the revived C-FAB festival just a few weeks after Smile) and has won many awards for itself, among them, best festival toilets!  check out these…

Cabourne Disabled Loo Cabourne Fancy Toilets Toilet at Cabourne

The new site also left us with a few decisions to make, like what part of this site do we not use. (Because it has a little more going off than needed for the size of our current crowd.)  So we started with what we needed and had to have.  Upon arrival there will be stewards in a purpose built ticketing hut.  The car park will be directly in between the 2 camping areas, one is for quiet camping, the other for everyone else and with a section for disabled camping near to the arena entrance.  All the campsite has water taps and the main camping area even has a kitchen sink!  There are compost heated showers by the quiet camping area and in a morning we will allow access to Army style diesel powered showers in the main arena (More details to follow on timings).  Both campsites have a toilet block, the main also has urinals.

Inside we have a new stage area, separate from the workshop space we will be making, a communal fire-pit, outdoor seating and benches, plenty more urinals and toilets, indoor bar area with a small unplugged busking stage for at night time, outdoor bar shack which will house the Meadevil Bar as well as other drinks and will be run by our lovely site owners to allow us to keep the Meadevil Brand alive at Smile (Odin Bless Them!)  The old Meadevil Bar will now become a part of our very own Tribenation Arts Collective to offer a chill out cafe space and workshop area.  And to top all of that, we still have a Hidden Space!  Where the Collective will be hosting the Free Workshops and Activities as well as our Healing area.

Here is our site map to better show you:

Something to Smile About Site Map 2020

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