Rory Charles

Rory Charles

We love this guy at Smile, after being so unsure about booking his band Age of Glass for 2019 we soon found ourselves enjoying his music more and more, yet when he steps onto the stage, you get 2 different people, one mellow and occasionally eccentric, one extremely eccentric.  My own (Pete’s) highlight of 2019 and the Age of Glass set, was seeing him don his neck scruff/ruffle and transform before stepping out onto the stage.  One of my more disappointing moments at Smile 2019 was to see him perform his solo set, but having so many other people miss it.  Which is why we are bringing him back this year to perform Solo as well as tear up the main stage with his band Age of Glass.  Those that saw both sets proclaimed them to be night and day to each other, with Age of Glass being an in your face show full of colour and even more colourful characters and Rory’s solo set being one of the most tranquil moments of the festival.  When performing solo his gentle, melodic and mesmerising guitar playing almost begs you to close your eyes and float off on a journey with him.


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