New Site, New Spaces!

That’s right, the fantastic new site comes with a permanent stage, in a small woodland space.  So what to call a stage situated within woodland…. That’s right…  The Kokopelli Stage is born at Smile 2020 and we say goodbye to our Hidden Stage (Which apparently was altogether too well hidden).

Check out this amazing setup, then imagine we’ve added a bit of Smile into it, and removed some of the chairs as well!

Kokopelli Stage Woodland Area Woodland Area Stage

The name came to us as we thought it fitting that some part of the festival paid tribute to someone who was instrumental in Smile ever happening.  The Kokopelli is a Trickster & Fertility God, who appears in a lot of Native American (North and South) Mythology.  Some of the stories are quite amusing so have a little look online and find out some more.

With festoon lighting throughout it really does become an even more magical space at night and the communal fire pit is situated just beside it, this new site allows for no fires in the campsites but this space will more than make up for it.

Fire Pit

Also within the woodland space is beautifully built roundhouse made using Cob a mix of Mud, Straw and sometimes Lime with interspersed bottles to let in light as well as stained glass pieces reclaimed from windows and doors.  When seeing this building we instantly knew it would be perfect to replace our much missed pop up Art Gallery, we’ll be telling you all about the artists in another post, but here it is..

And all of that, is just a few brisk steps away from the Tractor Shed Bar and Venue which we’ll tell you all about in another post!

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