In past years at Smile we have always tried to incorporate as many of the arts as possible, and for a few years we created a pop up gallery space for artists to display their art and even create new work whilst at the festival.  After struggling to find adequate space we missed it out in 2019.  So when we checked out our new site and saw their semi traditionally built roundhouse which is a piece of art in itself we knew we had our new, and more importantly, permanent gallery space.

Here is a little look at the Roundhouse from our last visit, ready for a spring clean and touch up before Smile:

Meet the Artists for 2020

Keziah Parsons

The first of our Artists coming to showcase their stuff in 2020 is back for her 2nd time as she is an exceptional artist who’s creations are a little piece of magic in themselves.
Meet the artwork of the amazing Kezia Parsons:

Keziah Parsons Artist

Find out more about Kezia on her Facebook Page – Kezia Parsons Artist

F#?k Knows Art – by Gail Something-Else

In Gails own words: Failed Art O Level.  Didn’t like the ‘rules’ of Art & Design at college in my 20s, so quit after the first lesson.  Painting commissions for over 20 years, and now it helps put food in my ever growing belly.  Fuck Knows what I’m doing, but it works..
Checkout some of Gail’s artwork here:

Gails Something-Else - Artist

You can find Gail’s Facebook page here – F#?k Knows Art

So, pop along, have a gander, ask a question, take in it, and maybe even take it home!

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