More newness comes in the form of the stunning indoor bar area housed within a converted tractor shed.  With one the sexiest bars  I have ever seen (you’ll see), a host of sofas and seating as well as a wooden stage, which we have decided to use as a busking stage that will likely be unplugged music only and will kick off officially after the Kokopelli Stage closes each evening.
We’ll have more info on that very soon but for now, have a gander at this..

Best Bar Ever bar stage Bar Sofas Outside bar

One of hardest choices when we were looking at moving sites was licensing, to have this site all bars must be run by the license holders with no sub letting, and this included the Meadevil Bar.  However because the new site is owned by kindred spirits an easy compromise was found.  The bars will be theirs to run, but we will have input on drinks and that includes them generously keeping the Meadevil Bar alive by stocking from our suppliers and running an outside bar shack under the Meadevil Brand…

Meadevil Shack

We take on board everything you tell us, and we knew one thing we had to improve was the beers on sale, so we will go through the hardship of testing and selecting some tasty beverages for you all!

The other change to the old Smile Rules is that there will be no Alcohol allowed to be taken into the arena from the campsites, this is a licensing requirement so we must adhere to it and ask you all to make our lives easier by obeying the rules. Especially as we will be offering drinks at typically northern prices!

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